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Mine!!!!!😍😘😘😘☺ – View on Path.
She’s the greatest gift i’ve ever received. As fragile as porcelain, as rare as the red diamond. Good morning!😘😍☺💞💞💞 – View on Path.
Say hello to my treasure♥
2Hal yg sangat-sangat saya rindukan, rambut panjangku dan orang gila ini. Cepatlah pulang cinta lamaku😩👭 with Tanisa Diva – View on Path.
ID Line: stephanirinnessa. Untung masih bisa kebuka☺ – View on Path.

Listening to Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) by MIKA

Imma big girl and yeah imma beautiful😏 – Preview it on Path.

At RM. Akoen

At RM. Akoen with Chevin – See on Path.

I’ve shared 173 memories with my friends on Path - see them now at!
I’ve shared 172 memories with my friends on Path - see them now at!

"No one tells me who I live my life. No one tells me who I love. Especially not some vindictive, prehistoric witch and definitely not the universe. And I’m not going to let someone else’s idea of destiny stop me from loving you, or being with you, or starting a future with you. Because…you are my life.

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